+   Do I need to attach my wine racks to the wall?

–   Your NOOK Wine Rack will only require wall fixing if the height exceeds 4′ (48″). See our Saddles for explanation on how to secure your wine rack. It’s important to note that all weight remains on the footprint and the wall fixings are for stability only.

+   How is my order delivered?

–   That depends on the size of your order. But usually through FedEx.

+   Do you have any examples of wine cellars using your products?

–   Yes. Please browse our gallery page for inspiration on what you can create with NOOK.

+   Do you offer any onsite installation service?

–   No. NOOK Wine Racks is a manufacture of wine racks and we do not offer any onsite services, if you are not comfortable assembling and/or installing your NOOK Wine Rack any local handyman could assemble and/or install.

+   Do your wine racks come assembled or in flat packs?

–   Always in flat packs ready for easy assembly.

+   How long will it take for me to receive my wine racks?

–   Location dependant but normal freight times are approximately 2-3 weeks from order.

+   I have an unusual size, can you make a NOOK Wine Rack to fit?

–   Yes. NOOK Wine Racks can be build in almost any shape. You can get a free 3D Design through our partners at Wine Racks America and you can visit them at http://wineracksamerica.com.

+   What maintenance (if any) do I need to do on my NOOK Wine Racks?

–   Other than normal dusting and cleaning, there is no required ongoing maintenance.

+   What colours are available with your wine racks?

–   Our racks come in black. Warm grey and candy red are coming soon.

+   What is the NOOK Wine Rack product made from?

–   NOOK Wine Racks are made with high quality materials, including plated steel and impact resistant polymer. These materials, combined with a clever design, give the patent pending system amazing interlocking strength. To test its strength NOOK rested the weight of a car across one of their small DIY starter kits!

+   Where can I buy the NOOK Wine Rack product in my area?

–   Please submit your details via our contact us, we will confirm your local retailer.